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The food value of this widespread native cherry was not lost on Native Americans. Remnants found at archeological sites in the Dakotas show it was used extensively for a long time. European settlers adapted the use of chokecherries for jam, jelly, wine and syrup. Chokecherries are high in antioxidant pigments (anthocyanins), a characteristic they share […]


Nanking Cherry

Nanking Cherry was introduced to North America in 1882. Pomologists in that era spoke highly of this plant’s potential. It was featured in the Yearbook of Agriculture 1937 as a plant with unusual opportunities in plant breeding. Like many uncommon fruit, the genetic potential has remained untapped, probably because it did not fit requirements in […]


Meader Bush Cherries

Selected and introduced by E.M. Meader of the University of New Hampshire, these hybrid cherries have similar characteristics. They all ripen in late August and early September, with the potential to extend the tart cherry season. They have a distinctive flavor that is somewhat of an acquired taste but could be enjoyed as a fresh […]


Western Sand Cherry

Sand cherry appears to be an easy plant to grow and could serve as a good insectary plant to attract beneficial insects that would benefit other plants in an integrated system. There was not enough information or observation time to determine its potential economic contribution.